Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Third of PhotoadayMay

I am taking a picture each day in May, for an online photo challenge. Here are the final eleven days of May's contest. For each, I am digging up an old photo for each day's inspiration as well. My first ten days and second ten are available for viewing as well. Finally, a slide show of the entire month's photos.

  • The recent photo will be listed first, on the left, followed by one from the past, on the right

May 21: Where You Stand

May 21 - Where You StandThe Punjabi Gunda
Where I stand? Well, away from snakes. Where did I stand? That was me standing on a balcony outside Delhi.

May 22: Pink

May 22 - PinkPink Floyd Cafe and Hotel
My sister used to tell people to turn at this pink taqueria to get to her apartment. And, there is a sign for the Pink Floyd Cafe and Hotel, in Pushkar, India.

May 23: Technology

May 23 - TechnologyData Center
Technology: it is my job. First, some Ethernet ports on a home switch. The earlier photo is from a data center I once did some work in.

May 24: Something New

May 24 - Something NewNew Years Eve
I work for DreamWorks Animation, and this was us celebrating the upcoming release of our latest movie, Madagascar 3. I am celebrating New Year's Eve in the older photo. Right after this photo was taken, I ended up in the emergency room due to a hernia or two.

May 25: Unusual

May 25 - UnusualBird in a bag
A skull on a desk. A bird in a bag. Unusual? You be the judge.

May 26: 12 O'clock

May 26 - 12 O'ClockBSD UNIX
So, I was working on pulling fiber patches during the noon hour. And, here is a screenshot of me running Midnight BSD.

May 27: Something Sweet

May 27 - Something SweetKids sampling sweets
Sweet mochi at the store. I wanted to buy them so badly. In Rajasthan, a bunch of kids are waiting to try some sweets from this roadside stand.

May 28: The Weather Today

May 28 - Weather TodayNice weather in Bromham
Ah, the beautiful weather of the Bay Area. Even when windy or a bit chilly or foggy, it is a wonderful place to live. This older photo is from when my wife and I drove through the English countryside, for which the weather was perfect.

May 29: A Number

May 29 - A NumberBetween room 108,109,110,110 and 108,109,110,112
Here are a bunch of numbers in Devanagari script, taken from my phone, which I have set to Hindi. The older photo is a joke: "room" was not pluralized. Seeing it, my first thought was, "That is a long room number!"

May 30: Your Personality

May 30 - Your PersonalityShaun the Sheep - No one can ever spell my name right
My personality? I am geeky and goofy.

May 31: Something Beautiful

May 31 - Something BeautifulAnjali smiling on one of our many walks
Some flowers at night - A smile from Anjali

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