Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dragon Wrap Party

The latest release from DreamWorks Animation is How To Train Your Dragon. We attended the cast and crew screening, watching the movie in 3D at the Gibson Amphitheatre. After introduction from the producer, directors and our CEO, a special guest came out to say a few words. Gerard Butler joined us for the screening and expressed how pleased he was with the film, where he voices the main character's father, Stoick. Something funny he mentioned was that he is concurrently in the best rated and worst rated opening films on Rotten Tomatoes, also starring in The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston (as I write this, one is one hundred percent fresh and the other is eight percent fresh). Of course, this is not his first time working with dragons nor working on horrible films, as he was also in Reign of Fire.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinner with Friends at Carousel

Catching back up with friends in Los Angeles has been great. I work with Victor and Raffi, so we met up with them, their wives and a couple who are friends of Raffi and Kristine. Reservations were at Carousel in Glendale. The Middle Eastern cuisine was delicious, and the food just kept coming out well after we were full. I could have eaten nothing but the muhammara, which is a dip of chili peppers, crushed walnuts and pomegranates. Of course, I forgot all about the spicy dip once the boureg and kofta arrived. By the time the entree appeared, we were pretty much done. As much as we wanted them, the kabobs were just going to have to put in a doggy bag.