Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dragon Wrap Party

The latest release from DreamWorks Animation is How To Train Your Dragon. We attended the cast and crew screening, watching the movie in 3D at the Gibson Amphitheatre. After introduction from the producer, directors and our CEO, a special guest came out to say a few words. Gerard Butler joined us for the screening and expressed how pleased he was with the film, where he voices the main character's father, Stoick. Something funny he mentioned was that he is concurrently in the best rated and worst rated opening films on Rotten Tomatoes, also starring in The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston (as I write this, one is one hundred percent fresh and the other is eight percent fresh). Of course, this is not his first time working with dragons nor working on horrible films, as he was also in Reign of Fire.

How To Train Your Dragon Movie Theater Standee
(Photo by christianz1969)

I do not want to reveal anything about the movie, so I'll skip the plot and just tell you that the 3D work is stunning. Not many things pop off the screen at you, rather the 3D draws you into the world, providing depth to scenes. The animation itself is incredible and the dragons range in appearance, offering comedy for the youngest viewers and enough firebreathing and destruction to interest older kids. There are touching moments and enough of a heartwarming story to make mothers happy too.

After we watched the movie, it was time to party. DreamWorks took over Avalon in Hollywood. Friends, food, drinks and dancing! Here are some photos from the event.

About to get the axe
Anjali about to get axed at the club

Photos by Yellownurbs

Photos by Jennifer Pan

Funny comment on 3D by Cassidy Curtis

Gerard Butler addressing us (photo by P. Miniati) - More photos by Pia

We did not take many photos of the event. It was better for us just to enjoy running around, mingling. It was great to see Tiffany at the party too!

Viking server
Vikings were everywhere that night!

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