Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Recent Concerts

Took Anjali to a few shows over the past few months. Quite a variety too: folk, punk, bluegrass and "guitar".

At a Show
Us at a show

Jonathan Coulton

First up was Jonathan Coulton, possibly best known in geek circles for writing the end credits songs for the Portal video games, and for the theme to the television show Code Monkeys.

Enjoy this video of a "hacker" trying to gain access to a honey pot host. The song is Still Alive, written by Coulton for Portal.

And here is Jonathan performing Code Monkey.

A Punk Show

Cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes was a good choice, since Anjali might recognize some of the songs. And, choosing a show with bluegrass-punk band Old Man Markley ended up great; some mellow to balance out the fast drumming and distorted guitar work of the other music. The first act was New York City punk band, Runny.

Runny was wild!

Here is a video of All The Living Things You Gave Me Are Dead.

Next up was Old Man Markley, combining punk energy with bluegrass melody. These guys put on an awesome show.

Old Man Markley
Old Man Markley on stage

Here are John Carey and Katie Weed of Old Man Markley playing Song Songs.

The Gimmes put a cap on the evening. A lot of energy. They played songs from many genres and various decades. Spike even sang in Japanese.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Here is a video of I Believe I Can Fly. Can you identify all the celebs?

I also found this funny. DNA Lounge was the venue, and the ATM cycles through several interesting message screens.

ATM at DNA LoungeObey the Cash Machine
Reminds me of an old Dead Kennedys cassette tape

Steve Vai

Steve Vai Concert
Steve Vai puts on quite a show

Most recently, we went to see Steve Vai. Wow, what a show! Not just a guitar god, Vai is a performer. He wants you to leave entertained. Another guitarist on stage, Dave Weiner, played The Trillium's Launch during a solo bit, which was a nice acoustic addition. Vai played Frank, a tribute to Frank Zappa, who Vai used to tour with. The song has a lot (a lot) of harmonics work in it.

Not sure what show we'll catch next. Ideas?

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