Monday, May 21, 2012

photoadayMay Another Ten Days

I am taking a picture each day in May, for an online photo challenge. Here is the second group of ten days from the month. Click here for the first ten days. I wanted to share the photos taken so far, and to share a photo from my past for each day's inspiration. Beneath, I shall explain how the photos fit the theme for the day.

  • The recent photo will be listed first, on the left, followed by one from the past, on the right

May 11: Kitchen

May 11 - KitchenHome network
For kitchen, I took a picture of magnets on the fridge, mostly from Hard Rock Cafe locations visited. From the past, I once set up a test network in the kitchen, which did not go over well with my wife.

May 12: Something That Makes You Happy

May 12 Something That Makes You HappyLaughter is a common communication method
Bicycling around the Bay Area definitely makes me happy: to live in such a beautiful place. The other photo just shows how much I enjoy traveling and meeting people: nothing like having a conversation with someone where only one tenth of the words are understood, but both parties are smiling and laughing and truly understanding each other.

May 13: Mom

May 13 - MomLaura and Mom
Since my mom was in another state for the day, I wore a Splunk shirt for Mothers Day. Anjali visited some of my family in Texas a couple years ago, and on the right is a photo of her and my sister-in-law.

May 14: Grass

May 14 - GrassPeople enjoying the grass and weather
The recent photo is a close up of fake grass in a dog park. The older photo is one I took looking down on a lawn at The Getty, in Los Angeles.

May 15: Love

May 15 - LoveWe Are Now Engaged
Ah, the people you'll come across in San Francisco. This panhandler had an interesting sign. Yeah, I could feel the love. And, there's my wife on the right, taken when we got engaged.

May 16: What You Are Reading

May 16 - What You Are ReadingQuite a signature - Thanks Guillermo del Toro!
When a building is in the middle of construction, some of the safety signs are less "official"-looking. I read the vampire trilogy of books authored by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo was kind enough to sign a copy for me.

May 17: Snack

May 17 - SnackCrunch Time Cookie
One of these is a good snack; one is a better snack. Most days, you could match good and better to either of these.

May 18: Something You Made

May 18 - Something You MadeWeekend Networking Project
By writing a program, I made a mess. Earlier, I made a Lack Rack

May 19: A Favorite Place

May 19 - A Favorite PlaceDreamWorks India IT Team
A data center is a comfortable place for me. Bangalore, with friends, neighbors and co-workers, definitely a favorite place of mine.

May 20: Something You Cannot Live Without

May 20 - Something You Cannot Live WithoutWater!
Water, water everywhere.

So, there you have it. I am enjoying this photo challenge and am looking forward to a future challenge.

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