Thursday, May 10, 2012

photoadayMay First Ten Days

I am taking a picture each day in May, for an online photo challenge. Now, I am ten days through the thirty-one. I wanted to share the photos taken so far, and to share a photo from my past for each day's inspiration. Beneath, I shall explain how the photos fit the theme for the day.

  • The recent photo will be listed first, on the left, followed by one from the past, on the right

May 1: Peace

May 1 - Peace World peace asked for in Hindi
Peace, Love and FREEB!RDS World Burrito: a pin I have on my backpack. The old photo was of a post I spotted close to home in Studio City. Each side asked for world peace in a different language.

May 2: Skyline

May 2 - Skyline Lion's Head Mountain
On the left, plants grow toward the sky in Redwood City. On the right, Lion's Head Mountain in South Africa, touching the sky.

May 3: Something You Wore Today

May 3 - Something You Wore Today Green Jeans
Some things you regret wearing, others not so much.

May 4: Fun!

May 4 - Fun! Sliding down the hill
I try to have fun no matter where I go. Am having a great time riding my bicycle around the Bay Area. And, I have no shame: if a kid can slide down the side of the hill in Shravanabelagola, so can I.

May 5: Bird

May 5 - "bird" (Brad Bird) A goose bit Anjali
Okay, a photo of the Pixar gates for Brad Bird was a bit of a stretch on the theme. One of the geese in Windsor snapped too eagerly for some food.

May 6: You

May 6 - "You" A Sean silhouette as the sun is going down
Took a picture of myselves through a mirror after a day of bicycling around San Francisco with my friend, Ram. In the other photo, Anjali captured my silhouette as I came over a dune in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan.

May 7: Someone That Inspires You

May 7 - Someone Who Inspires Me Family of Khufu's pyramid engineer
The "picture" on the left is of Tux, the Linux mascot. The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, is someone I look up to as a person who values the sharing of code to make computing better for all. I imagine the pyramids of Giza architects, probably told over and again what cannot be achieved, yet building some of the most fascinating structures in the world: quite an inspiration.

May 8: A Smell You Adore

May 8 - A Smell You Adore Amritsar Visit: Kesar Da Dhaba
I fire up a scented candle every so often at home. Ah, the smells of spiced food cooking in the kitchen. The photo on the right was taken at Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar, India.

May 9: Something You Do Every Day

May 9 - Something You Do Every Day Balancing load balancers
My shower head, which I look up to twice a day, pictured on the left. I work on load balancers just about every day, but I pretty much use my Mac daily.

May 10: A Favorite Word

May 10 - A Favorite Word Toddy bar in Munnar
On the left is my nickname. Or, at least my recreation of the name Anjali started calling me. On the right is the first word I learned to write in Malayalam: kallu, or toddy. My friend, Robin, laughed, saying that my first word should be "mom" or "dad", not an alcoholic beverage.

So, there you have it. I am enjoying this photo challenge and am looking forward to the next three weeks.

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