Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Challenge: photoadaymay

Chantelle (Twitter @FatMumSlim) posted a photo challenge on her blog and I have decided to participate.

Inspiration For Each May Day

Use hashtag #photoadayMay for all your posts.

  1. peace {something peaceful, a peace sign etc}
  2. skyline {where the sky meets land, can be buildings, the beach, forest, whatever!}
  3. something you wore today {while you're wearing it or not}
  4. fun! {something you do for fun - big or small}
  5. bird {a bird in the sky, an ornament, a picture, a pet etc}
  6. you {a self-portrait, a picture of a picture of you, your reflection in the mirror}
  7. someone that inspires you {could be someone in real life, someone well-known}
  8. a smell you adore {perfume, a food, flowers, anything!}
  9. something you do everyday {share something from your daily routine}
  10. a favourite word {a word that you love to say, write or read}
  11. kitchen {can be a picture of your kitchen, something from a kitchen or a cafe kitchen etc}
  12. something that makes you happy {a person, a thing, etc}
  13. mum {a picture of your mum, the word mum, a mum, mother's day celebrations etc}
  14. grass {the green stuff that grows on the ground etc}
  15. love {something that represents love, something or someone you love}
  16. what you're reading {a book, a newspaper, a blog, a sign, a note etc}
  17. snack {something you're eating as a snack}
  18. something you made {food, craft, a child, anything!}
  19. a favourite place {a place you love being in}
  20. something you can't live without {something you'd rather not go without in your life}
  21. where you stand {take a photo of where you're standing}
  22. pink {something pink}
  23. technology {something that uses technology}
  24. something new {what's something new in your life?}
  25. unusual {share something a little odd or weird}
  26. 12 o'clock {take a photo at noon or midnight, whatever you're doing}
  27. something sweet {a candy/lolly, a cake, a person, something cute ... anything!}
  28. the weather today {is it sunny, rainy, cloudy today? Shoot it!}
  29. a number
  30. your personality {show us your personality in a photo, a word etc}
  31. something beautiful {share something beautiful in your life}

I'll update this blog with links to the photos as I take them, as well as links to ones from others I find interesting. Enjoy!

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