Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making the Pyramids of Giza More Interesting

My vote for coolest thing I have seen on Flickr in a long time? There exists a group called Make it Interesting Challenge Group, which holds contests to alter a submitted image, in order to make it more interesting.

One of the challenges features a photo I took while visiting Cairo, Egypt. It is amazing what has been done to my "starter image". Here is the original.

Giza pyramids
My original photo of pyramids at Giza

And...what has been done to it:

Dark side of the moon
Altered by oddsock

Altered by Lala50

In the shadow of the pyramids
Altered by jaci XIII

Here is an interesting 3D postcard submission, created by mcilrathf.

Desert in Bloom
Altered by Lady11 aka Jeanette

Another cool alteration, this time by ..Ebru...

Altered by indybev1

User pareeerica did this to the photo.

Bun Fight at the OK Corral! ( go for your buns!)
Altered by rubyblossom

'EGYPTIAN DREAMS!' {with My Eye & 19 Hidden ethyl's & 2 Hidden Fiends!}
Altered by Cheyberpunk!

I shall add links to any future photo submissions. What a cool contest idea. Thank you to Temari 09 for considering my photo as a starter.

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  1. Thanks for the feature on our group Sean.

    Thank you for sharing your image :)