Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Power Went Out Again

Power outages occur quite often in Bangalore. Many places have generators; you see them in all sizes: personal use to huge diesel ones. Possibly because of the generators, no one seems concerned with fixing the power problems, instead people just deal with the power going out. Just about the time when I would ask why the problem exists in the first place, I get a glimpse into the problem:

Electrical Outlet Usage
Not Enough Outlets

At my office, workers were constructing a video conferencing room. For this work, many power tools where needed: circular saws, drills, etc. Every tool's power cable had the plug cut off. Why? Well, if you have three items needing power, but only one outlet, you simply stuff the bare wire ends of your cable into the same outlet. Why purchase a power strip with multiple outlets?

Utility Pole
Exposed Wiring

Bangalore Electrical Box
Free Access to Boxes

No one seems concerned with keeping wiring secured from people, nor the elements. So, electrical boxes are unlocked and most of the time left wide open and utility poles have wiring exposed. I have yet to see a single transformer site which is in decent shape.

Having said all this, the power at home has been up all week that I can tell and for that I need to now find some wood to knock on. Consistent power means stable Internet conne

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