Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Happy Street

Today I did a bit of shopping and had an hour to kill before my clothing alterations would be complete. During that time, I wandered down some side roads and took photos of the local people. A small group of kids wanted their photos taken and that was all it took: I was taking nothing but photos of these kids until I left. Now, usually I take a photo of a kid and then show the image immediately, never able to give a permanent copy nor email a digital file. Since this street was fairly close to where I live, I decided to do something a bit different.

After finding a fair number of good photos, cropping and creating montages, I then made several print copies to be distributed. I went by a store and picked up a bag full of candy, and with printouts in tow, revisited the same street. The kids were going crazy for the chocolate; no surprise. But, the adults were ecstatic about the photos of their children and grandchildren. However, no one was more happy than me.

I have promised the kids (all yelling out "Uncle" trying to get my attention) that I shall return in a few days. This time, I think there will need to be two bags of chocolate.

Happy Couple Looking at Photos
Couple is pleased with the printouts of the photos

Click here to see the other photos.

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