Saturday, October 3, 2009

Coffee Trails in Coorg

On the eastern side of the Western Ghats is wonderfully-green district of Karnataka known as Coorg. Taking about five hours by car, this is a great weekend getaway from Bangalore. Within Coorg is Orange County, a resort on the grounds of a coffee plantation. Away from traffic noise, cell phones and Internet, this place provided a great way to enjoy long walks, quiet meals and uninterrupted conversations.

Everything was green in Coorg
Everything is so green in Coorg

A Village Walk

After getting checked in, Anjali suggested a walk down to the river. We were only a short strut to the banks of the Chauvery. Stopping there, you could hear nothing but bamboo cracking as the gentle breeze would come and go. Not ready to head back into the confines of the resort, we pressed on down a road, through a small village.

Chauvery River in Coorg
Chauvery River

Every kid in the village was eager to say hello, but that was all they would say. Whether they were shy or did not understand us when we spoke, a quick acknowledgment was all we got before they would turn away and go about their prior activity. One young girl eyed us taking a picture of a napping kitten and she proceeded to follow us holding that kitten, calling out "photo" and then smiling. Anjali took a photo of her and the girl was all smiles.

Showing a girl her photo
Girl uses kitten to get photo taken

Kids enjoying lunch
Kids enjoying lunch

We walked quite a distance before hitting a main road and then heading back.

More Walking

After a great supper and a delicious breakfast, there was not much to do but go for another walk. This time, we explored the coffee plantation.


Orange County is filled with walking trails. There are so many crossed paths, you would think it is a maze. But, all roads lead back to the lodging and the comfort of some iced fresh lime soda. If you are a bird watcher, this must be the place to be. Posted throughout the area are signs showing which birds can be observed at which time of year. Funny thing, all the signs ended exactly the same way, with "Sighted: Jan to Dec". I guess you can see every variety of bird there at any time.

I guess they never leave
Why not just say "Seen Year-round"?

Perhaps it was our thirst for something cool between walks, but we never drank coffee while staying on the coffee plantation. Coleridge would have likely written:

Coffee, coffee, every where,
Nor any drop to drink

Little Tibet

Coorg is also home to the Tibetan Golden Temple, a Buddhist monastery. After leaving the coffee plantation, we decided to visit before trekking back to Bangalore.

Tibetan temple in Coorg
Tibetan Golden Temple in Coorg

Using soda bottles as decoration
Using cola as decoration

Tibetan temple
Inside the temple

Tired from walking and walking and walking, we really were not too crazy about a long drive back home, so we decided to break up the return trip with a stop in Mysore to watch the light show at Brindavan Gardens.

Power Failure

We chose an excellent vantage point from which to watch the lit fountains of the garden. The Elephant Bar of the Royal Orchid Hotel gave us a great view, chilled wine and yummy appetizers. Just as the show started and the lights came up, there was a power failure. The electricity never returned to the garden, but we enjoyed our travel break just the same.

Ending the weekend with wine in Mysore
Us at the Elephant Bar


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