Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Ride Over The Bridge And Back

Wonderful weather last Saturday, so I took the train into San Francisco and decided to ride my bicycle around the city. Starting close to AT&T Park, I rode down the Embarcadero, along the beach, and then over the Golden Gate Bridge. Turning back, I went through the city streets a bit more, through Chinatown and around Russian Hill, before heading back to the Caltrain.

In It To End It

Avon Walk
I think "Nip It In The Bud" might be a better slogan

This stage explained the sea of pink I saw ahead of me. Early on my route, I ran into a group of walkers, part of the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer (some photos). There was pink everywhere!

Policeman wearing a tutu

Policemen from all over the Bay Area attended the walk, riding their bikes to support walkers while also keeping the peace. The San Jose officer pictured above had a jam box mounted on his bike, blasting out tunes to further motivate the walkers.

Tit Stop

After a couple miles, a portion of the walkers had stopped for refreshments at one of the pit stops. The crowd thinning allowed me to make better time up and over the Golden Gate Bridge.

View from bridge
Looking down from the start of the bridge

On the Golden Gate Bridge
View from the bridge

Time to head back
About to start back over the bridge

It was at this time I realized that this would be the first time I'd be entering the city via a bridge without paying a toll. After coming down from the bridge, I rode through the city in a haphazard fashion. I did not take any photos, but I plan to next time.

I got home and traced my ride using Google Maps. My calculations put the ride at just shy of twenty-nine miles. When I got home, I felt like I could have ridden another ten or even twenty miles. However, after sitting for about ten minutes, every muscle was telling me that I had chosen a nice stopping point.

I plan to ride around the city again this weekend. This time, I hope to track the ride a bit better and include better photos (from a camera rather than my iPhone).

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