Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Shaved a Wall

I recently took a photo of a wall on a music store in Glendale, which was a mural in remembrance of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The side wall of the building had signs hung up which I wanted to erase, and I thought I could do this image retouch using Gimp, the GNU Image Manipulation Program.


It is difficult to find "how to" articles and videos if you are not sure what terms to search with. After some wild searching, I came across a Youtube video entitled Shave someone in GIMP- Clone & Healing tool (+spot removal) GIMP tutorial. Time to shave the signs off the wall.

Before and After

Remembering 9-11 (Original)
Original image (though resized)

Remembering 9-11
Retouched image


Thank goodness I was not ready to do this one year ago. It would have taken me forever to retouch all the photos I have taken since then! But, I am sure that future photo dumps will be slower to appear on the Net because of this little trick I have now learned. Expect more photos in the future to be cleanly shaved.

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