Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Goa - Us at Sunset
Enjoying the Goan beach at sunset


Goa borders the Arabian Sea and is India's smallest state. Once a Portuguese colony, you can still sense the cultural and architectural influence. The region is also about one-quarter Christian, so there are about just as many churches to find as Hindu temples. However, our time in Goa was not about taking in culture nor about visiting churches and temples. Relaxation on the beach was what we made the trip to Goa for. So, this post will be void of narrative and just show a couple of photos of decompressing in Goa. Enjoy!

Goa - Taj Exotica
View from our room at Taj Exotica to the beach

Goa - Hammock in the Morning
Anjali enjoyed the hammock while catching up on phone calls and sipping morning tea

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